Enjoying a sport Fishing Trip in Uganda

Angling safaris in Uganda is among the most interesting tourist activities one can enjoy at a very cheap price. This is because the country is blessed with many water bodies which give it an added advantage to give the best services.

The pearl of Africa – Uganda among the loveliest country in Africa and its magnificence does not just lies in her friendly people, fantastic scenery and the mountain gorillas additionally in its amazing water bodies which make sport fishing a success. Situated on the high basin which raises between the Eastern and the western branches of the Great Rift Valley, the pearl of Africa has unlimited potential of increasing aquatic based trips.

Except for the semi-desert in the far northeast of the country, most of Uganda is well watered and lush, where just about a quarter century (25%) of the country’s surface is covered by water. The Africa’s biggest fresh water body- Lake Victoria and the second biggest fresh water body on the world, is shared by Kenya and Tanzania. The other lakes Edward, George and Albert which strategically located on the Congolese border and make sport fishing a success, supplementing on the second longest river in the World – River Nile.

Ever since 1997, when the first boat was launched in Uganda, sport fishing has been done on Lake Victoria, with fishermen from different parts of the world, catching Nile perch and lots of time spent up on the Nile River at Murchison falls. It ought to be noted however that sport fishing in Uganda have been along the world’s longest river which streams into Sudan. A sport fishing tour with us will help you hold and get professionally run fishing safaris in Uganda on Lake Victoria and along Nile River in Murchison Falls National Park.

Inside Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda Wildlife Authority has allocated a concession for a fishing camp at Gwara within Karuma wildlife Reserve, which is almost opposite Chobe Safari Lodge. The Nile perch caught which weighs between 20-180 pounds in weight, the biggest fresh water game fish in Africa, are the main catch on the lake and you are encouraged to use baits. Absolutely, the vital angling tackle for the Nile perch trolling on the lake is provided however fishermen are allowed to bring their own equipment. The river trips can be enjoyed by everybody most particularly from those with no previous experience to those who are searching for new destination with excursions from half to full day offered, or longer overnight trips for the more, serious fishermen.

While in Murchison Falls National Park, fish are caught on live bait with casting lures including Nile perch and different species of the cat fish and a wide variety of smaller species are used as live bait which are obtained by spinning including tiger fish. Sport fishing is done either from the river bank or on a boat at the base of the falls area and this fishing generally done over a few of days, on the other hand, too exciting and does not require any experience. For all our sport fishing activities, we encourage the catch and release policy.

All our fishing safaris are interesting since it makes it possible for you to fish all species of fish in the country. It is only in Uganda that you will enjoy unique sport fishing in wonderful unpolluted and naturally gifted surroundings while unwinding and taking little else but angling serious. Your experienced and professional tour guide will show to you good areas for sport fishing reputation and will introduce you to various fishing areas across lakes and other popular fishing destinations. We are here to help you offer the best opportune and memorable fishing moments on Uganda’s well renowned bodies while the same time discovering the treasures of the pearl of Africa as an exceptional tourism destination.