Ngamba Isand Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Adventure at its best

A weekend holiday at Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary is so exciting and it’s a lifetime experience. The Island is extremely pleasant destination to visit. Indeed, you will need to book a ferry or a speed boat that crosses Uganda’s biggest lake – Victoria. This amazing trip to the Ngamba Island will make you leave Entebbe dock. The Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary is a wonderful destination that vacationers to Uganda will never see. It is too bad because the Chimpanzee Sanctuary is the last hope for some Chimpanzees. It such a lovely sanctuary located approximately 100 acres of land, with some acres for the home base for operations. Too interesting, these sectors are divided by a high electric fence.

This small Island is a home of about 48 orphaned chimps that have been rescued all through Uganda’s country side. In case you are like to spend a night at the island, well there are comfortable sleeping facilities on the Island. No worries if you are going to spend the overnight at the sanctuary. It’s very extraordinary as you will observe and interact with the chimpanzees.

Boat Trip to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
After breakfast, you will be picked by a tour guide from African Jungle Adventures Ltd and transfer to be dropped where you will board a speed boat or a ferry to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Note that the boat is not a private boat. You will be given rain coats, however I am not certain upon the arrival time at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, you will be met by you personal guide who will give you a overview of the Island, and the daily operations.

Indeed, you are an overnight guest to Ngamba Island; you can take part in the integration program Chimpanzees. This can be possible by taking part in the outside enclosure integration combination or forest walk program. Being the part of the team going out in the enclosure with the babies, you will be able to give them support by holding them. It’s quite interesting as you will be in the company of several chimpanzees ranging from 5 to 9 years old.

Care Giver for a day Experience
Four guests per group are allowed per session of the integration program. This view lasts for 60 minutes, either in the morning or evening. You will be a campaigned by trained and knowledgeable caregivers of the chimps. Particular instructions with respect to clothings, cameras, glasses and pull your hair or even simply stroll along holding your hand. Conditional upon how manageable the chimpanzees are, there is no insurance on how long this activity will go on. You must check when booking.

Excessively interesting, this special program where our guests get the chance to practice a day in the life of a chimpanzee caregiver by being a caregiver themselves. You as a chimp caregiver, you will get an amazing chance to not just view the chimpanzees feeding but also to partake in preparing the holding areas for the chimpanzees and administrative work. Don’t avoid helping the staff with any activities happening that day. This may incorporate medicinal checkups, research and monitoring, this program is aimed at helping the guests understand and appreciate what it takes to take care of the orphaned cousins on the Island. Meet and interact with all the chimpanzees on the Island however direct contact with them is not guaranteed.