Rwanda targets Indian market for tourism and investment

Rwanda – This tiny landlocked country in Africa bordering Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of Congo – Rwanda – has to turn into the latest country to seek investment and vacationers from India.

The nation organized its first such promotion event in Delhi on June 18 to make awareness among the Indian travel trade and investors to tell about the numerous unique tourist attractions in the country, main among them being mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, variety of bird species in the different parks, Chimpanzee in Nyungwe Forest National Park and many other attractions in the country.

Both diplomats and travel agents from the nation told the Indian agents and media that the location of the nation was perfect and it was possible to see the numerous cities and scenic areas in a short time. The visa regime has additionally been made attractive, they said.

Caves and the Nile trail were additionally waiting to be explored, said Mucyo Rutishisha, second Counselor, High Commission of the Republic of Rwanda in India, including that the culture and warmth of the people was another strong point of the country. Songs and dances from Rwanda were also presented at the event.

Kenya Airways, which has convenient connections from India to Rwanda via Nairobi, also showed a presentation, asking the India travel agents and visitors to use the large network of Kenya Airways to promote Kenya and Rwanda.

The Rwanda leadership also sought ideas from the Indian travel agents on how to promote this new, forthcoming tourist destination in India.