Touring through Wildlife Photos

In Uganda today, wildlife is highly endangered and the environment suffers degradation. Numerous attempts are being made to make awareness about the importance of our flora and fauna, latest a photograph exhibition titled “on track of the great apes”.

Launched last Friday in Kampala at the French Embassy by Ms Maria Mutagama, the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities and French Ambassador Sophie Makame, the show corresponds with one ongoing in France from February 11 until March 21.
The exhibition will end today for Uganda and March 21 next year for France respectively.

Same of the photographs comprised of chimpanzees feeding on wild fruits, while others show chimpanzees sleeping on tree branches.

“When you look at that chimpanzee laying on a tree branch, it shows that rest is a vital component of life and as man, we have to gazette these and many more wild animals enough places for resting,” Ms Mutagamba said while unveiling photographs to journalists as key players in propagating the message to stop wildlife encroachment.

The exhibition won’t just educate and inform Ugandans and the world about the natural resources they have, additionally encourage the community to take part in protection of the different game parks to benefit from tourism.