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Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary & Wildlife Ranch

Ziwa Rhino UgandaZiwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch found in Nakasongola district approximately 176km north of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city on the Gulu highway towards Murchison Falls, the sanctuary is the proud home of the wild rhinos in Uganda. The Rhino re-introduction project is a project of Rhino Fund Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority.
Currently, the sanctuary hosts twelve southern white rhinos, six Adults, three youths and three babies. Two of the adult females are additionally expected to conceive an offspring one year from now. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary has become increasingly well known with tourists; for rhino tracking, bird viewing, nature walks and relaxation.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a community exertion between the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the Rhino Fund Uganda, a Ugandan None Government Organization ready to the restoration of Uganda’s rhinoceros population and Ziwa Ranchers Limited, a private area management company. The sanctuary offers a safe destination where rhino populations might be extended by breeding, protected from human and non-human predators and gradually re-introduced into Uganda’s national parks, while in the meantime, permitting general society to enjoy these lofty animals, as the project moves forward.
Rhinos in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary (2012): Bella and Donna (the calf)

A group of about 78 park rangers and security guards keep a 24-hour watch on the rhinos to guarantee their wellbeing. The 70sqkm (7,000 ha) sanctuary is encompassed by a 2 meters electric fence to keep the rhinos in and the intruders out. The sanctuary now hosts over 40 mammal and reptilian species incorporating monkeys, antelopes, hippopotamuses, crocodiles and various species of birds.
Traveler facilities at the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary incorporate a safari lodge, guesthouse, budget and luxury accommodation, and campsites. The accommodations are two separate business and both have restaurants that offer meals to visitors. Plus foot rhino tracking, tourists incorporate birding, boat rides and nature strolls.
Both the Black Rhinoceros and the White Rhinoceros are endemic to Uganda. However, because of various factors, incorporating prolonged armed human conflicts, poaching and the mismanagement of their natural habitat, by 1982, both species had been wiped out in the nation. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary was formed in 2005 to reintroduce rhinoceros to Uganda. The long term objective of the sanctuary is to “construct sustainable rhinoceros population and move rhinos once more to their original habitat in Uganda’s protected areas”. As of January 2010, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the main area in Uganda, where rhinos might be watched in their natural environment. Beginning with what a total of six animals, four that were brought from Solio Ranch in Kenya and two gave from Disney’s the Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, in the United States, the rhino population had developed to thirteen as of June 2013.

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